The Ver has a rich and varied history. There is evidence of human occupation in the valley as far back as 3000BC. The Romans founded an important city, Verulamium on the banks of the river close to the site of modern day St. Albans. At one time there were as many as 11 water mills along the river. Today only the mill at Redbournbury remains in operating condition, having been restored in the late 1980’s.

Commercial watercress growing began upstream of Friars Wash in 1885 and rapidly spread along the river between Redbourn and Park Street. The Ver became a major supplier to London, using the rail network to take the cress to market. There are no commercial cress beds left on the Ver.

The River Ver has suffered from low flows for many years as a result of over-abstraction for public water supply. Although a river rescue scheme in the 1990’s reduced levels in the catchment, the river is still significantly impacted by abstraction and further measures are being considered to improve flows. 

Despite low flows, the Ver still supports some important wildlife such as brown trout, mayfly, kingfisher and the water meadows alongside the river are important for barn owl and an important wintering ground for wading birds such as green sandpiper and snipe.

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There are many attractive walks along our rivers and other waterbodies in the Colne Catchment. Walks in the Ver Valley can be found here.

Redbournbury Watermill is a working mill producing a range of stoneground organic flours principally from locally grown grains. It is run by a team of dedicated volunteers and is open to the public on weekends throughout the year.

The Environment Agency is seeking your views on an application from Majestic Trees Ltd to licence their previously exempt abstraction activity.

Join the Ver Valley Society in Verulamium Park this coming Sunday to protest against the disappearance of the River Ver and the Chilterns precious chalk rivers.

We popped in on the New Barnes Mill Weir Removal project this month to see how it is getting along. 

The Ver Valley Society's Action Group has been awarded the Hertfordshire Rural Living Awards 2016, Environment Award by the Campaign to Protect Rural England.

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