The European Water Framework Directive came into force in December 2003. It provides an opportunity to plan and deliver a better water environment. The Water Framework Directive requires that all European Member states’ waterbodies reach Good Ecological Status or Potential by 2027.  

The Environment Agency has assessed the ecology for the majority of the waterbodies in the catchment by monitoring their fish, plants, insects, algae and other indicators, including phosphate and oxygen levels. There are 17 river waterbodies in the Colne Catchment. As of December 2012 only two of these waters, the Alderbourne and Tykeswater were at good status. All others are considered as poor or moderate status. 

A detailed look at the status of waterbodies in the catchment reveals that many of the rivers are being impacted by unfavourable flow conditions, man-made structures in the channel and rural and urban pollution. These factors have resulted in poor populations of invertebrates and fish and are the main reasons for the inability for a river to achieve ‘good status’.

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