5. Habitat enhancement - Bulbourne Meadow

Aims: Involve people with their local waterbodies; Improve wildlife corridors; Work together

Water body: River Bulbourne
Project description

Local volunteers enhanced a section of the Bulbourne at Bulbourne Meadow in May 2014, improving habitat for fish and wildlife.

 As part of series of events organised and funded by the Environment Agency two habitat enhancement training days led by the Wild Trout Trust were held on the Bulbourne at Bulbourne Meadow ont eh outskirts of Hemel Hempstead. The purpose of the days was to train local volunteers and landowners in low cost techniques that can be used to enhance instream habitat utilising locally sourced large woody debris. During the course of the day 150m of river channel was enhanced.

Project lead: Environment Agency
Project partners: Wild Trout Trust, Chilterns Chalk Streams Project
Project start: May 2014
Project end: May 2014
Funding source:

Design by LTD Design Consultants and build by Garganey Consulting. From an original concept by the Herts and Middlesex Wildlife Trust.