During an exercise at lunch, delegates at the ColneCAN conference were asked to suggest possible projects for the catchment.

Some attendees also used it as an opportunity to more generally give comments and feedback about problems and issues.
Below is a summary of the points raised. If you would like to get in touch and suggest any possible projects, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
We will put all these ideas into the mix when considering future funding applications.

General comments/questions
Has water quality improved or deteriorated over the last ten years?
Has account been taken of the impact of housing development over the last ten years?
Catchment wide - understand impact of highway runoff
Has the ColneCAN got anywhere near achieving 'good status' as per the Water Framework Directive?
Mink Eradication Scheme across Colne Catchment and rest of London - London Water Vole Recovery Programme
London Local Nature Recovery Strategy - inclusion of data and projects from catchment partnership
Herts Local Nature Recovery Strategy - inclusion of data and projects from catchment partnership
Catchment wide - raise more awareness of Invasive Non-Native Species (INNS) to gain more support from general public
Whole catchment - engagement of communities that use the area in terms of litter/plastic pollution.


Points with location  
Location Comment
Mill End Loop, R Colne Mill End Loop C1 River Improvements TQ03,92
London Colney/ St Albans - R Ver (and R Colne?) Help promote awareness, membership, local awareness and action
R Gade - Gadebridge Park Crucial to prevent the massive road runoff - including sediments and pollutants - from going straight into the north end of Gadebridge Park
Watford Misconnections campaign in Watford
R Misbourne Misbourne - solve sewage overflows from balancing tanks at Amersham Recycling Centre
Veolia/Amersham Household Waste and Recycling Site Ensure Thames Water delivers on promise/plan to add live status of balancing tanks' sewage overflow
R Misbourne - fields above Cherry Acre, Chalfont Common, Chalfont St Peter SL9 0SX Engage with landowner to maintain watercourse through fields above Cherry Acre
R Misbourne - Chalfont St Peter Support Chalfont St Peter Parish Council in developing new nature reserve on bank of R Misbourne
R Misbourne Misbourne - infestations of Himalayan Balsam, Japanese Knotweed and Giant Hogweed
Broadwater Lake Protect Broadwater Lake refuge and find alternative location for relocation of Hillingdon Outdoor Activity Centre
Broadwater Lake Broadwater Lake - strongly opposed to Hillingdon Outdoor Activity Centre being sited here. Hillingdon Council should put it back at Dews Lane when HS2 vacates site
Park Wood SSSI Park Wood SSSI (part of Ruislip Woods NNR) - further natural flood management to mitigate surface water flood risk to 80+ residential properties.
The Buckinghamshire Golf Club, Denham (R Colne) Remove weir in front of Buckinghamshire Golf Club. Country park paths flood every winter.
Three Rivers District Sustainable 3 Rivers (organisation: www.sustainablethreerivers.org) - raising awareness of what is being done, what volunteer opportunities exist. Particularly - pollution of R Chess, local development plans. The aquadrome is a key local area. Interested in collaborating and sharing information.


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